Education Program

The mission of the PEER Outreach and Education Program is to effectively disseminate PEER research findings to PEER's constituent groups and to further promote the field of earthquake engineering (and related research) to future engineers.

With that global mission statement, the Education Program is specifically designed to encourage and enhance the education of future earthquake engineers and grow student interest in research related to this field. It aims to introduce, stimulate, cultivate and educate students with knowledge that will enable them to better understand then later contribute to the earthquake-engineering profession.

In addition to these goals, the increasing focus of PEER educational programs has been on furthering multidisplinary understating of the concepts of earthquake engineering and attempting to demonstrate to students how various disciplines interact within earthquake engineering. Recent PEER Education Projects have been targeted at students of many age levels including primary/elementary and high school level students, university undergraduates, and university graduate students.

Matt ZahrMatt Zahr, a UC Berkeley undergraduate student, worked under the supervision of Nico Luco at United States Geological Survey, Geologic Hazards Team Office in Golden, Colorado.
"I really liked my project. I enjoyed coming into work everyday with an ultimate goal in mind. Previous internships that I had involved completing tiny, dead-end jobs. In this internship, Nico briefed me on some of the goals for the risk map web tool in the first couple weeks and the rest of the summer was spent working toward that goal. Once I reached those goals, I added additional options to the web tool that were outside the immediate USGS goals."

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