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PEER Student attends 2009 ANCER Workshop in Illinois

UC Berkeley graduate student Catherine Whyte applied and was selected to receive sponsorship from PEER to attend the 2009 ANCER Workshop on August 13-14, 2009 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Catherine orally presented her research "Optimization of Simulation Time Step for Distributed Hybrid Testing between University of California Berkeley and University of Auckland." According to Catherine her involvement in the conference was very beneficial: "The ANCER Conference was a great opportunity to present the research we did with hybrid simulation between Berkeley and New Zealand using OpenSees and OpenFresco. Since the conference was small, I was able to interact with and receive feedback from many of the graduate students and professors. I hope this will lead to greater interest in using OpenFresco for hybrid simulation at other universities."

PEER Director Stephen Mahin also attended the conference and gave a keynote presentation titled "New Design Approaches to Improve Earthquake Resiliency and Sustainability."

Stephen Mahin
PEER Director Stephen Mahin presents a keynote presentation at the
2009 ANCER Workshop

posted January 19, 2010