Poster Session


Jorge Archbold Observations After the Mw 7.1 2017 Puebla Earthquake UC Berkeley
Aditya Bajaj Finite Element Model for Laterally Loaded Rock Socketed Pile Foundations UC Irvine
Luis Ceferino Integrating PBEE and Network Analysis to Measure Resilience Performance Objectives Stanford University
Barbaros Cetiner Effective Seismic Assessment of Regional Transportation Networks Using an Image-Based Approach UC Los Angeles
Jade Cohen Resolution of Non-Convergence Issues in Seismic Response Analysis of Bridges UC Berkeley
Gemma Cremen A Methodology for Benchmarking Loss Predictions of the FEMA P-58 Seismic Performance Assessment Procedure Stanford University
Marta De Bortoli Performance Prediction Equations for Design and Assessment of Structures UC Irvine
Yuqing Gao Deep Residual Net with Transfer Learning for Images-based Structural Damage Recognition UC Berkeley
Ali Hammad Experimental Investigation of Special Concentric Braced Frames Under Long Duration Ground Motions University of Nevada, Reno
Daniel Hutabarat Liquefaction Triggering and Effects at Silty Soil Sites UC Berkeley
Kyung Ran Hwang Seismic Performance of RC Low-Rise Building Structures Having Irregularities at the Ground Story During the 15 November 2017 Korea Earthquake Korea University
Denis Istrati Tsunami Performance of Coastal Bridges and the Role of Air-Entrapment University of Nevada, Reno
Milad Jahed Orang Effects of Spatial Variability on Liquefaction-Induced Differential Settlements Using Scaled Shake Table Experiments University of Nevada, Reno
Maha Kenawy Fiber-Based Nonlocal Formulation for Simulating Softening in Reinforced Concrete Beam-Columns UC Davis
Subodh Kolwankar A Fibre-Based Nonlocal Model for Simulating Local Buckling Induced Softening in Steel Beam-Columns UC Davis
Jinchi Lu A Systematic Computational Framework for Multi-span Bridge PBEE Applications UC San Diego
Sujith Mangalathu Aftershock Seismic Vulnerability and Time-dependent Risk Assessment of Bridges UC Los Angeles
Nasser Marafi Effects of Simulated Magnitude 9 Earthquake Motions on RC Wall Structures in the Pacific Northwest University of Washington
Maryia Markhvida To Repair or Not? Evaluating Cost-Effectiveness of Post-Earthquake Building Repair Using PBEE and Real Estate Investment Analysis Stanford University
Rushil Mojidra State of Knowledge: Theory and Design for Vertical Ground Shaking Effects on Seismically Isolated Bridges and Other Structures University of Nevada, Reno
Sifat Muin A Machine-Learning Approach Towards Assessing Severity of Earthquake Induced Damage UC Berkeley
Kien Nguyen A Modified Uniaxial Bouc-Wen Model for the Simulation of Transverse Lateral Pipe-Cohesionless Soil Interaction California Institute of
Han Peng A Novel Replaceable Steel Moment Connection for Seismic Damage Control Harbin Institute of Technology
Vincente Pericolli Dissipative Base Connections for Moment Frames UC Davis
Daniel Saldana Performance Assessment of Low- and Mid-Rise Office and Hospital RC Shear Wall Buildings California State University, Long Beach
Andrew Sen Modeling Advances for Numerical Simulation of Existing and Retrofitted Braced Frames University of Washington
Jian Shi On the Applicability of Shear Strain Index as a Proxy for Site Response Nonlinearity California Institute of Technology
Barbara Simpson Design Development of a Strongback System UC Berkeley
Bingyu Zhao High Performance Computing Based Distributed Multi-Layered City Scale Transportation Network Tool UC Berkeley
Kuanshi Zhong Ground Motion Duration Effects on High-Strength Reinforcing Steel Fracture in Reinforced Concrete Structures Stanford University
Tian Zhou P-Loc: A Device-Free Indoor Localization System Utilizing Building Powerline Network Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute
Minjie Zhu Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations using OpenSeesPy Oregon State University
Paolo Zimmaro Next-Generation Liquefaction (NGL) Case History Database Structure UC Los Angeles

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