Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research CenterNext Generation Attenuation Relationships for Western US

Next Generation Attenuation (NGA) Models

Use of the NGA models for any purpose is the sole responsibility of the user. Incorporation of directivity effects in the models is under development and not yet implemented.

Questions and review comments on the NGA models are welcome and can be addressed directly to the authors (copy to Dr. Yousef Bozorgnia of PEER, Email:

Boore-Atkinson NGA Report and Files - January 6, 2008

Campbell-Bozorgnia NGA Report and Files - January 3, 2008

Chiou-Youngs NGA Report and Files - September 15, 2008

Idriss NGA Report– December 12, 2007

Abrahamson-Silva NGA Report and Files - February 2, 2010

NGA Flatfile Used for Development of NGA Models