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EERI Seminars on Next Generation Attenuation (NGA) Models in 2009

View the program for this series of seminars that were organized by EERI to disseminate the NGA West research results to practicing professionals. This seminar was held in Oakland on September 2, Seattle on September 3, Salt Lake City on September 10, and Los Angeles on September 11.

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NGA Modelers' Responses to Questions by USGS and CGS

Documentations on Site Amplification Factors from Empirical Studies

Documentations for ground motion simulations

Workshop Meetings

April 12, 2005 : Workshop

December 3, 2004 : Workshop

July 19, 2004 : Workshop

March 24-25, 2004 : Workshop #5

March 17, 2004 : NGA-COSMOS Working Group Meeting on Data Processing