Questions about the PHI Challenge can be submitted below.

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  1. Tan Zhenye says:

    You mentioned Kaggle competition page in the submission but where can i find it?

  2. yuqing gao says:

    Hi Tan, the link of Kaggle competition page will be informed on Aug 23rd.

  3. Sam says:

    I have some questions about this challenge.

    1. If our team has one advisor (mentor), can we submit the form that includes his/her name? That is, we have four members and one mentor. Or we can only submit 4 students’ name?

    2. Will the evaluation consider the time of training? Or just accuracy?

    3. For submission, is there any requirement for source codes? Will you test our algorithm? What’s more, once we submit the code, will you also have the copyright for that?

    Thanks a lot.

  4. yuqing gao says:

    Hi Sam,

    1. Total for 4 participants no matter what roles they play. My suggestion is that you can mention your mentor’s name in author and acknowledgement of technical report.

    2. Evaluation just considers test accuracy. Because everyone may have different devices, some may use very expensive GPU or even TPU, which may not fair to all teams.

    3. No requirement for source code submission. But we require each team to submit one technical report to briefly describe what method and what model their team used. And we will publish a proceeding after the challenge, and teams awarded may revise their report and submit to this proceeding.

  5. Sam says:

    Hi Yuqing,

    Thanks for your response. I really appreciate that.

  6. Fu-Chen Chen says:

    We want to know are the EE/ECE undergraduate or graduate students (e.g., considered as CS/DATA pool or not.


  7. RR says:

    is the competition for students only? Can ‘private’ individuals/teams compete?

  8. Muhammad Vaid says:

    Hi Yuqing,

    Sorry if this was mentioned but I wanted to know if there is a programming language or any frameworks that we are restricted to using.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. yuqing gao says:

    Hi Muhammad
    You can use any language and no need to submit your code

  10. yuqing gao says:

    It opens for all, but eligibility will be evaluated by organizers

  11. yuqing gao says:


  12. Hilarie says:

    Hi Yuqing,

    Would it be possible to add members to a pre-existing team and just get re-evaluated for eligibility?


  13. yuqing gao says:

    Please re-submit your application form via Google form and email me. Thanks!

  14. Pablo Vega says:

    Hi, myself and 3 coworkers are interested in participating (3 civil/mech eng degrees & 1 comp sci). However, I noticed we’re past the team submittal deadline. Can we still form a team?

  15. yuqing gao says:

    You can still apply for that, and just submit your application via Google form

  16. Is it still possible to join this challenge now?
    Can you kindly inform me if I can access these images for my current research? I am still a beginner, and I am hoping you can give me some access to images for my initial pilot studies. I hope to join this competition in 2019 if it is done yearly.

  17. yuqing gao says:

    It will be held every year, and you can attend next year.

  18. yuqing gao says:

    Current data will not be available for research purpose until April, 2019.

  19. Ali Khalili says:

    Is there still time to participate given that the start date has passed?

  20. yuqing gao says:

    It is already closed, and we are planning PHI Challenge 2020

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