The GMSM Program organization consists in a Management Committee (MC), a Technical Advisory Commitee (TAC) and an Outreach Committee (OC) working together with a group of collaborators. The main exclusive task of the MC is to manage funding and funding sources. The MC and TAC work closely together to define the Program’s objectives and direction. The TAC consists in an open group of inter-disciplinary researchers and collaborators and is mainly responsible for making scientific decisions for projects within the Program. The OC is responsible for external communications, organization of seminars and dissemination of information via this website.

Management Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

Outreach Committee

  • Christine Goulet, Assistant Researcher, PEER

Other valuable collaborators and method developers

  • Arzhang Alimoradi
  • Alireza Azarbakht
  • Paolo Bazzurro
  • Marcello Bianchini
  • Jamshid Ghaboussi
  • Mahmoud Hachem
  • Charles Kircher
  • Stephen Mahin
  • Colleen McQuoid
  • Frank McKenna
  • Jack Moehle
  • Farzad Naeim
  • Maury Power
  • Ellen Rathje
  • Marcos Saramango
  • Stefano Silvestri
  • Brian Skyers
  • Tomaso Trombetti
  • Tony Yang
  • Bob Youngs

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