PEER GMSM (PEER 2009/01) report

The first PEER GMSM (PEER 2009/01) report was released in March 2009. The report documents the work completed by the group since 2006. Complete electronic appendices are also available.

PEER 2009/01 – Evaluation of Ground Motion Selection and Modification Methods: Predicting Median Interstory Drift Response of Buildings
by the PEER Ground Motion Selection and Modification Working Group
Curt B. Haselton, Editor

Report (9.9 MB)

Appendix C
GroundMotionSets&Results.ZIP (11 MB) (156 MB)

Appendix D
PEER-GMSM_AppendixD.xls (2.3 MB)

GEESD Presentations

The group presented a summary of the program and results of simulations at the GEESD IV conference on May 21 2008 in Sacramento. The PowerPoint presentations from this event provide a good overview of the Program:

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Organization Methods for GMSM
  3. Structural Models
  4. Results, Building Code Selection Methods
  5. Results Summary by Method Classes
  6. Summary and Future Work

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