Virtual Poster Session

Kamal Ahmed Investigation of Flange Effect and Vertical Irregularity in Structural Walls using Nonlinear Continuum Analysis University of Washington
Paul Drazin A Nonlinear Kinetic Model for Multi-Stage Friction Pendulum Systems UC Berkeley
Jawad Fayaz Reliability Analysis of Steel SMRF and SCBF Structures Considering The Vertical Component of Near-Fault Ground Motions UC Irvine
Anne Hulsey Quantifying the Post-Earthquake Downtime Induced by Safety Cordons Around Tall Buildings Stanford
Amory Martin Topology Optimization of Elastic Spines in Rocking Braced Frames Stanford
Nicole Mahoney Analytical Study of Soft Story Structures California State University, Fresno
Will Nguyen Seismic Responses of Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (HyFRC) Bridge Columns dDetailed for Accelerated Bridge Construction UC Berkeley
Isidro Perez Analytical Study of the Structural Response to Near-Field Earthquakes CSU Fresno
Han Sun A Data-Driven Framework:From Simulation and Recordings to Statistical Learning UC Los Angeles
Yijun Xiang Critical Assessment of Code Torsional Provisions using CSMIP Database of Instrumented Buildings UC Irvine
Adam Zsarnoczay Better performance metrics for component model calibration Stanford

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