With the PEER research program well established and future research planning now underway, the 2003 PEER Annual Meeting provided a timely opportunity to identify research needs and priorities that are critical to PEER fulfilling its mission. The 2003 Annual Meeting was structured into two plenary sessions and several two-hour breakout discussions on important topics relative to PEER. The intent was to engage PEER researchers and partners in discussions on selected issues and elicit ideas on strategies to address outstanding needs.

While the breakout session organizers had some leeway in structuring discussion, it is generally anticipated that each session would begin with two short presentations (less than 20 minutes each), which would identify the issues, briefly touch on previous research, and suggest future research strategies and priorities. The remaining time (about 80 minutes) was spent in discussion. Each session had a moderator and recorder, who drafted a brief summary of the discussions.

To focus the discussions, the PEER Research Committee prepared theme statements for the discussion and questions that the speakers were to address in their remarks.

Who Attended: