Modify PBEE

Users can modify Unit Costs and Production Rates (mean and standard deviation) by updating a file named PBEE.DLL which is located at the installation folder (C:\Program Files\BridgePBEE or C:\Program Files(x86)\BridgePBEE on a 64bit PC). Please follow the steps below to build an updated PBEE.DLL file (64-bit) that will then replace the original within the above installation folder. Note that the software package Microsoft Visual Studio (2010 or a later version) will be needed to execute this task.

Step 1: Download PBEE.ZIP

Please click the link below to download a source code project file for Visual Studio. We’ll use this project file to build the PBEE.DLL file (64-bit).

Step 2: Open PBEE.SLN File

Unzip to a certain location and then use Visual Stdio 2010 (or later version) to open a Visual Stdio Solution file named PBEE.SLN.

Open a file named PBEE.CPP and make the appropriate changes. Click the link below to view the sample version of file PBEE.CPP.


Step 3: Build PBEE.DLL File

Under the Visual Studio, click menu Build and then Build Solution to build an updated PBEE.DLL file.

Step 4: Replace PBEE.DLL File

Make sure that BridgeBEEE is not running and then copy the new PBEE.DLL file to the installation folder and overwrite the old one.

Step 5: Run BridgePBEE

Start BridgePBEE, the program is now running with the updated PBEE quantities.