Task 2 – Develop Consensus on Performance Objectives

Task description – Using an appropriate methodology, develop a consensus on performance objectives. Some emphasis on residential construction, i.e., condominiums, but including other occupancies. Document methodology and performance objectives in a final report. Basic performance objective to be the minimum performance specified in the building code, but this project has an assignment of defining specifically what that performance objective is. Considered performance objectives should include conventional performance objectives and alternative ways of expressing objectives. Alternative performance considerations may include reparability and reoccupancy. Final objectives should clearly define confidence levels associated with objectives. An analysis of socio-economic impacts associated with tall building performance should be considered.

Lead investigator – Bill Holmes

Team members – Charlie Kircher, Laurence Kornfield, Bill Petak, and Nabih Youssef, plus contributions from position paper writers and workshop attendees as appropriate.

Status – Completed

Task 2 Final Report

Task 2 Workshop Documents – April 18, 2007

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