Tall Buildings Initiative Task 3 Assessment of ground motion selection and modification procedures

Task description Conduct analyses of multistory building models subjected to a large number of earthquake ground motions to determine the native statistics of the responses, compare results with results obtained using various proposed ground motion selection and modification procedures, and recommend appropriate ground motion selection and scaling procedures. Document methodology and results in final report. Work to be conducted in coordination with the PEER working group on ground motion selection and scaling. Buildings models to include two core wall models (of different heights) and two frame models (of different heights). Building models preferably based on actual building projects, preferably the models (slightly modified) from the actual projects. Collect statistics on important design parameters including roof drift, interstory drift, floor accelerations, moment profiles, shear profiles, collector forces, etc. Identify ground motion parameters that correlate best with response quantities. Recommend selection and scaling procedures for design.

Lead investigator Jack Moehle

Team members John Hooper, Stephen Mahin, two research assistants

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