Modeling and Simulation of Degrading Shear Behavior in RC - 4212005

Project Title—ID Number Modeling and Simulation of Degrading Shear Behavior in RC - 4212005
Start/End Dates 10/1/05 – 9/30/06
Funding Source PEER-CA State Transp. Fund
Project Leader (boldface) and Other Team Members Filip Filippou (UCB/F), Afsin Saritas (UCB/GS), Chin-Long Lee (UCB/GS)
F=faculty; GS=graduate student; US=undergraduate student; PD=post-doc; I=industrial collaborator; O=other

Project goals and objectives

Development of a rational, yet computationally affordable, beam-column model for the analysis of new and existing reinforced concrete members under the combined action of axial force, bending moment and shear.

Role of this project in supporting PEER's mission (vision)

The project supports the simulation capabilities of PEER for structural elements that are sensitive to the interaction of shear with flexure and axial force.

Methodology employed

Force formulation of beam-column element with 3d dimensional constitutive modeling of fibers; transverse equilibrium accounts for confinement effects.

Brief Description of previous year's achievements, with emphasis on accomplishments during last year (Year 8)

3d concrete constitutive model.
Simulation of shear wall specimens with different aspect ratios under monotonic and cyclic loads.

Other similar work being conducted within and outside PEER and how this project differs

This project focuses on a rational and computationally efficient model that is capable of simulating 3d effects of concrete under monotonic and cyclic loads; attempts to date at other institutions do not have such broad objectives and are limited to specific cases or loading conditions.

Describe any instances where you are aware that your results have been used in industry

Beam-column element is available for use with OpenSees; shear capability is not deployed yet.

Expected milestones & deliverables

Beam-column element with shear interaction in OpenSees for the simulation of metallic devices, slender and squat concrete beam-columns and shear walls and 3d confinement effects.

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