Processing of Recent Earthquake Records - 1E08

Project Title—ID Number Processing of Recent Earthquake Records - 1E08
Start/End Dates 11/105 – 12/3105
Funding Source PEER-Caltrans
Project Leader (boldface) and Other Team Members Robert Darragh (Pacific Engineering & Analysis/I)
F=faculty; GS=graduate student; US=undergraduate student; PD=post-doc; I=industrial collaborator; O=other

Project goals and objectives

Provide processed strong-motion records of six recent earthquakes.

Role of this project in supporting PEER's mission (vision)

The data will be used for PEER NGA database; for IM issues.

Methodology employed

Filtering, integration, spectral computation of strong-motion data.

Brief Description of previous year's achievements, with emphasis on accomplishments during last year (Year 8)

New project.

Other similar work being conducted within and outside PEER and how this project differs

The records are for the recent earthquakes – not previously processed.

Describe any instances where you are aware that your results have been used in industry

This is a new project adding more records to NGA database. The NGA database has been used on many research and practical projects, including NGA models.

Expected milestones & deliverables

The project was finished December 2005.

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