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CA Earthquake Authority RFQP #08-14: Program Manager for Study to Quantify Performance Effects of Retrofits of Homeowner Dwellings

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is launching a research project to conduct a systematic scientific, and engineering study that specifically attempts to quantify the performance effects (dollar reduction in damage and loss) resulting from cripple-wall and sill-anchorage retrofits of homeowner dwellings. The information obtained from this study will be useful in loss modeling efforts in determining potential discounts in earthquake insurance for houses that have been retrofitted.

The project launch is being initiated through a Request for Qualifications and Proposals (RFQ&P #08-14) seeking an organization or an individual to serve as Program Manager, responsible for assembling and managing a multi-disciplinary team to conduct this study. It is anticipated that interested organizations and individuals will collaborate in developing a coordinated response to the RFQ&P.

The research team should include qualified engineers, earth scientists, construction-cost estimators, and modelers, to perform the following tasks:
1. Review past research (including past and present CEA-contracted research);
2. Define representative (“index”) buildings for testing;
3. Select representative ground-motion records for test buildings;
4. Perform laboratory tests on building components and sections;
5. Perform numerical modeling on the buildings and their components; and
6. Develop fragility-modification functions for use by loss modelers.

The full text of RFQ&P #08-14 with project scope and submission requirements may be found on the CEA website at under the Contracting Opportunities section.