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Support PEER educational and professional outreach as part of the “Big Give”

UC Berkeley is hosting a "24-hour day of giving" today, November 20, to support the university's students, faculty, and research centers, including PEER. As part of the “Big Give,” you can visit PEER's donation page and make a gift to support our educational and professional outreach programs.


More about the Big Give at

While the Big Give is being conducted by UC Berkeley, funds donated to PEER will provide vital support for our strategic initiatives across all ten core research institutions, including UC campuses (at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego), California Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, Stanford University, Oregon State University, and University of Washington. PEER conducts research programs in a variety of disciplines, including earthquake-related geohazard and inundation assessment, geotechnical and structural engineering, transportation, lifelines, and economics, risk management, and public policy—all aimed to identify and reduce risks to life safety and to the economy.

Visit PEER's donation page anytime today, and make a gift to support the PEER General Gifts Fund.