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SCEC Science Collaboration Plan Accepting Proposals

The Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) coordinates basic research in earthquake science using Southern California as its natural laboratory. SCEC emphasizes the connections between information gathering by sensor networks, fieldwork, and laboratory experiments; knowledge formulation through physics-based, system-level modeling; improved understanding of seismic hazard; and actions to reduce earthquake risk and promote resilience. The Center is a consortium of institutions that coordinates earthquake system science within Southern California. SCEC’s long-term goal is to understand how seismic hazards change across all time scales of scientific and societal interest, from millennia to seconds. The annual SCEC Science Collaboration Plan solicits proposals from individuals and groups to participate in the SCEC research program.

See the SCEC Science Collaboration Plan document (aka SCEC RFP) on the SCEC website for complete instructions on proposal submission, eligibility requirements, and evaluation criteria. Deadline for the current SCEC RFP is November 7, 2014 (5:00 pm PST)

SCEC Science Collaboration Plan