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Nineteen PEER Reports Published to Date in 2013

Nineteen published reports have been added to the PEER report series in 2013, many as part of the NGA-West2 project. With a quarter of the year still remaining, the total already represents the highest number of published PEER reports since 2002.

To download free color pdfs of PEER reports, visit the 2013 PEER Reports web page. Recent titles and authors of 2013 published reports include:

PEER 2013/21 – Seismic Design and Performance of Bridges with Columns on Rocking Foundations – Grigorios Antonellis and Marios Panagiotou

PEER 2013/20 – Experimental and Analytical Studies on the Seismic Behavior of Conventional and Hybrid Braced Frames – Jiun-Wei Lai and Stephen A. Mahin

PEER 2013/19 – Toward Resilient Communities: A Performance-Based Engineering Framework for Design and Evaluation of the Build Environment – Michael William Mieler, Bozidar Stojadinovic, Robert J. Budnitz, Stephen A. Mahin, and Mary C. Comerio

PEER 2013/18 – Identification of Site Parameters that Improve Predictions of Site Amplification – Ellen M. Rathje and Sara Navidi

PEER 2013/17 – Response Spectrum Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams Including Dam-Water-Foundation Interaction – Arnkjell Løkke and Anil K. Chopra

PEER 2013/16 – Effect of hoop reinforcement spacing on the cyclic response of large reinforced concrete special moment frame beams – Marios Panagiotou, Tea Visnjic, Grigorios Antonellis, Panagiotis Galanis, and Jack P. Moehle

PEER 2013/14 – Hanging-Wall Scaling using Finite-Fault Simulations – Jennifer L. Donahue and Norman A. Abrahamson

The complete list is on the 2013 PEER Reports web page.