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Help identify regional ground motion databases and reports for PEER’s Global GMPE Project

The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation has awarded the PEER Center with a project aimed at selecting a suite of Ground Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs) that can be used for Seismic Hazard evaluation at global and regional levels.

To complete this work for the Global GMPE Project, PEER researchers are in the process collecting comprehensive data and publications from around the world. In an effort to make sure that all relevant information is collected, PEER is seeking help from all members of the earthquake community to identify regional resources. In particular, the following two items are needed:

  1. (1) Any regional Ground Motion Databases with a minimum moment magnitude Mw of 4.5 (except PEER, SHARE, K-Net, and KIK-NET);
  2. (2) Any published Reports and Papers showing compatibility or performance of existing GMPEs versus regional data.

Please direct your information, references or publications to, before August 30, 2011 so that they can be included in the research project.

Additional information on PEER’s Global GMPE Project can be found at

Thanks for your collaboration!