Repair Quantities

Item 1: Structure excavation
Item 2: Structure backfill
Item 3: Temporary support (superstructure)
Item 4: Temporary support (abutment)
Item 5: Structural concrete (bridge)
Item 6: Structural concrete (footing)
Item 7: Structural concrete (approach slab)
Item 8: Aggregate base (approach slab)
Item 9: Bar reinforcing steel (bridge)
Item 10: Bar reinforcing steel (footing, retaining wall)
Item 11: Epoxy inject cracks
Item 12: Repair minor spalls
Item 13: Column steel casing
Item 14: Joint seal assembly
Item 15: Elastomeric bearings
Item 16: Drill and bond dowel
Item 17: Furnish steel pipe pile
Item 18: Drive steel pipe pile
Item 19: Drive abutment pipe pile
Item 20: Asphalt concrete
Item 21: Mud jacking
Item 22: Bridge removal (column)
Item 23: Bridge removal (portion)
Item 24: Approach slab removal
Item 25: Clean deck for methacrylate
Item 26: Furnish methacrylate
Item 27: Treat bridge deck
Item 28: Barrier rail
Item 29: Re-center column

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