Working Groups

As described at the bottom of the NGA-East home page, PEER has created seven technical Working Groups (WGs) to address critical technical issues. Each of the WG which is focused on a specific technical area. Some research tasks are performed directly by the WG members while other tasks are performed by other researchers outside the WG.

Working Groups Website – for NGA-East Researchers

To facilitate an interactive research process, a password protected website has been created to allow the researchers to share their data and findings amongst the members of the working group.

NGA East researchers only: Visit the NGA-East Working Groups site.

Working Groups Description

Database WG: develop an exhaustive database of recorded motions in CENA and other Stable Continental Regions (SCRs), with the associated metadata. The database will be used by most WGs and by the TI team.

Path/Source WG: develop regionalized models for correlated sets of source (stress-drop) and path parameters (attenuation and quality factor, Q).

Simulations WG: coordinate the validation and forward modeling of ground motion simulation, considering different methods for finite fault and point source simulations. Because simulations are important to achieving the project goals, the TI team assumes a very active role in the tasks related to the Simulations WG. The Simulations WG relies on input from the Database, Path/Source, and Geotechnical WGs.

Geotechnical WG: develop a simplified model to remove site effects at the recording stations, define the reference rock shear wave velocity and kappa values, and the range of conditions to which they apply. The Geotechnical WG is also tasked to develop a site effects model for NGA-East which will have many applications (this task is outside of the SSHAC Level 3 framework).

Sigma WG: develop a suite of candidate standard deviation models for the project. This WG uses both recorded data and numerical simulations from CENA and Western U.S. (WUS) to develop the models. The Sigma WG tasks are integrated through both the NGA-East and the NGA-West2 projects.

Vertical Motions WG: develop models for V/H ratios to be applied to the horizontal ground motion models. This task is not part of the SSHAC Level 3 process, and is coordinated by PEER in conjunction with the NGA-West2 project.

GMPE Developers WG: develop candidate GMPEs for CENA. The members for this WG will be selected by an open request for proposals (RFP). This WG will work in close collaboration with the TI team who will evaluate the candidate GMPEs developed by the group and incorporate the selected models into the ground motion logic tree.