Technical Updates: 2015, Third Quarter

The NGA-East activities during this quarter were concentrated on documentation, while the technical integration (TI) team continued to have regular web meetings to refine certain tasks, following comments and discussions from the June SSHAC Workshop. Technical progress was made on tasks such as the modeling source-depth effects, the adjustment of the seed ground-motion models (GMMs) with distance and the smoothing of the final GMMs. The original NGA-East tasks are being documented in a draft final report (Rev.0), which contains over 600 pages, and which is to be submitted for review by the end of October. A new task, geared toward resolving interface issues with source depth between the Central and Eastern U.S. Seismic Source Characterization model (CEUS SSC) and the NGA-East Ground-Motion Characterization model was initiated. This supplemental work will be added to the draft of the report once completed.