Technical Updates: 2014, Third Quarter


    NGA-East’s latest progress was summarized through a series of presentations at the October 29-30 SSHAC Workshop held at UC Berkeley. Unless otherwise specified, presentations linked below are from the October 2014 SSHAC Workshop. All the presentations for this SSHAC workshop are available here. These presentations often present results from collective work from many participants over extended periods of time. The co-authors list only represent those who prepared the specific presentations.

    The project team made considerable progress since the July workshop, notably on the development of Ground Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs). The October workshop was focused on proponent presentations and discussions of candidate GMPEs, covering both median models and models for the standard deviation of ground motions. The TI-team approach for evaluating the range and space of epistemic uncertainty of the candidate models was also presented. Models presented at the workshop were compared on the basis on the ground motions they predict. As it was the case for past NGA-East SSHAC workshops, scientific progress on various related PEER tasks was also presented at the October workshop.

Data Sets (Task A)

Development of Median Ground Motion Prediction Equations (Task H)

Sigma (Standard Deviation) (Task J)

Evaluation of Epistemic Uncertainty (Task K)

    The application of the proposed approach (Sammon’s maps) was performed for all the candidate models considered by the NGA-East TI team and presented by (N. Kuehn).
    The TI Team approach for median logic tree development and the consideration of epistemic uncertainty (Task K) was summarized (in this presentation from N. Abrahamson).

Regionalization & Source/Path Studies (Tasks C and D)