Task D: Path/Source Studies


  • To develop regional models for source and path parameters that include the correlation between parameters.

Source/Path Studies tasks (D) are needed to define the subset of stochastic/point-source simulations that will be used in the GMPE development (H). For stochastic/point-source simulation models, source and path parameters used as input tend to be correlated (e.g. stress parameter, Q and attenuation models). Since the stochastic models will be used to generate a large part of the ground motions used in GMPE development, it is important to develop input parameters that have the correct correlation so that unrealistic combinations are not used in the forward simulations. The objective of this task is to develop models for input parameters that include their proper correlation. This work draws from Regionalization (C) and from the Stochastic Model Validation results (F) to estimate the regional source and path parameters for CENA earthquakes. This task will be performed by targeted researchers and involves the estimation of parameter values and their distribution, but also the evaluation of the correlation between the parameters. The researchers developing the stochastic models will participate actively in the development of parameter correlation models so that they are consistent with the software/code they use in task F. The Path/Source WG will develop the final models models for the source and path parameters.