Task A: Data Sets


  • To develop earthquake databases (with metadata) for CENA and other SCRs.

As part of NGA-East, two new earthquake record databases will be developed (for CENA and other SCRs). Data collection includes the reviewing and processing of earthquake recordings from stations on various site conditions (rock and soil) and also includes the compilation of available metadata into a flatfile (magnitude, distance, site conditions, etc.). The Database WG is responsible for developing the CENA ground motion database. The ground motions will be adjusted to the reference rock conditions using the scale factors provided by the Geotechnical WG (Task B).  The site-corrected data are provided to the Path/Source WG for evaluation of the need for regionalizing the ground motion attenuation (Task C).

The Database WG will also compile additional key ground motion data from other SCRs to the extent that there are sufficient metadata available to make these data useful.