Additional tasks

Important tasks in NGA-East that are completed outside of the SSHAC Level 3 framework

  • To develop site amplification models to account for site response effects on geo-materials not defined as hard rock (Geotechnical Working Group).
  • To develop models to quantify the ground motions in the vertical direction of shaking using V/H ratios (Vertical Ground Motions Working Group).

In addition, other non-SSHAC objectives include the collaboration and integration with other projects:

Collaboration with NGA-West2

The NGA-West2 project is currently updating the NGA-West models within PEER. There are issues that are addressed in NGA-West2 that are of interest to NGA-East and some results from the NGA-West2 effort will be transferable to NGA-East. This applies mainly to the tasks from the Sigma and Vertical Ground Motion Working Groups. These working groups have the same teams of researchers.

Integration with the USGS National Hazard Mapping Program

The project plan was designed to have at least some products, including draft GMPEs if possible, completed in a timeline that allows the USGS to incorporate them in the development of the next iterations of the U.S. National Seismic Hazard Maps.